The Agency of the Harbours and Fishing Facilities (APIP) is created by law n° 92-32 in April 7 th 1992 . It is a public establishment with an industrial and commercial character endowed with a moral personality and a financial autonomy. This agency acts as a merchant in its relations with third parties; it is governed by the commercial legislation with the exception of those related to bankruptcy and judicial settlement .
The agency is placed under the tutelage of Ministry of Agriculture.
Its registred office is in La Goulette's harbour.

The decree n° 99-660 of March 22nd 1999 , modifying the decree n° 92-2110 of November 30 th 1992, sets the administrative and financial organization as well as the working modes of the Agency.

The Agency's staff is governed by legislative and regulating provisions applicable to civil servants, local public collectivities and public establishments with an administrative character.

The Agency's resources are constituted by :
•  Remuneration for the rendered services.
•  Harbour royalties products and all taxes instituted at its profit.
•  Harbour public domain concessions products .
•  Gifts and legacies.
•  Buildings and fourniture incomes.
•  Balance grants.
•  Other resources.

Order of the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Finance dated 23 April 2018, fixing the port charges for the benefit of the agency of the ports and fishing installations., fixes the royalties list concerning the fishing products landing and the use of the fishing harbours domain and the public facilities.

The Agency benefits from the exoneration of the value-added tax for the activities and services provided to third parties as well as the exoneration of all taxes burdening the returns of the Agency.
The Agency's debts benefit from a general privilege of the treasure.
The Agency's debts recovery of all nature is done by means of liquidation states raised by the Agency's Chairman in accordance with the law in force. It's made enforceable by the Finances Minister.
The state affects, in freehold, to the Agency the industrial and commercial facilities concerning the fishing harbours exploitation as well as the materials, tooling, buildings and all sorts of works affected to the fishing harbours.


The fishing harbours list is fixed by the decree n° 2011-4609 in December 3 rd 2011. These harbours constitute a chain composed by 41 harbours with a reception capacity of 150.000 tons of fishing products annually and answering an evolution of the production until 2010.
These harbours are distributed as follows:
. 10 hauturiers harbours sheltering some ships intended to fishing at the dragnet, fire and inshore fishing.
. 22 inshore harbours of which 4 can shelter the trawlers and 17 harbours sheltering the boats of inshore fishing and the sardiniers.
. 09 shelters or landing sites.


The assignments of the APIP are :
. Exploiting, managing, and developping the fishing harbours.
. The management of the harbour public domain.
The exercise of the harbour police.
. Supplying different kind of services to the boats.
. The involvement in some studies about fishing harbours extension.
. And broadly speaking, the execution of all missions that are entrusted to the Agency by the Government in the setting of its assignments.


The strategy of the APIP is to :
Develop the fishing harbours.
. Improve the agency's activity for a middle and long-term .
Progressively give away all the competitive activities to private operators.
Maintain conformity to the norms imposed by the European Union in the setting of the upgrading program to promote export of Tunisian fishing products.
Take the necessary measures to establish some performing organisational structures for a better management in the agency.
:: GOALS ::

We remote four goals :
1. Renew and reinforce equipements and facilities :

. Freezing facilities.
. The means of hoist.
. Materials of dredging.
. Beaconing.
2. Taking care and restoring harbour infrastructure.
3. Improving the services rendered to different users.

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